Thursday, September 9, 2010


August 24, 2009: I left for Colombia with a big smile on my face, ready for an adventure in Bogota.
August 24, 2010: I flew back home to the states with a big smile on my face, knowing that I'll be back to visit Colombia as soon as possible. It was an incredible year!
After leaving Bogota at 730am, I arrived in Houston! After about 2 hours of customs, immigration, intensive bag searches, and rechecking my bags to Baltimore, I ran out to international arrivals to spend the rest of my layover (we ended up pushing my flight back to spend more time together) with my awesome boyfriend, Sam! He met me with open arms, flowers, and a big "USA" gift basket full of my favorite foods that I had missed so much this past year. I opened the bag of tostitos right good.
Hard to beat a homecoming like that, right? Well, it got even better when I arrived in Maryland. I saw the big "bienvenidos" sign and Colombia and USA colored balloons right away. My grandparents, parents, and best friend, Suzi were all there waiting for me.
Life back in the states has been great so far! My first few days I had trouble remembering that I don't have to speak spanish and that toilet paper doesn't go in the trash can. I was a little nervous to start driving again, but Annapolis roads are much easier/safer than those in Bogota!
I started classes the day after I arrived. I've already been to a Navy football game and taken a microbiology test. I've been back to St. Andrew the Fisherman church and felt so at home. We had our annual labor party on September 4 and it was awesome to see friends and family again! It's good to be home.
I still expect to wake up every morning in the church basement, ready for a day in Usme. I miss my kids in Colombia more than anything. I have yet to really sit back and reflect on my year away and honestly, I don't even know where to start. This weekend I have a presentation about Colombia at my church. I am really looking forward to the YASC re-entry retreat in New York this October.
Thanks for all of your love and support throughout this year!
Love, Kate