Wednesday, August 18, 2010

anna moves to bogota and darcy visits!

As I waited for Anna at the airport on August 12, I thought back to my arrival a little less than a year before. I remember long lines and a huge crowd waiting for people at the airport exit. Her arrival wasn't much different, with 5 planes all arriving at once. After finding her in the crowd, we went to Myriam's apartment, where Anna will be staying for at least a month.
A couple of days later, one of my best friends from high school arrived for a five day visit. It was perfect timing because I was able to show them the city at the same time. Being their tour guide was a lot of fun. Here are some highlights of our time together:

Checking out the city from Monserrate:
Helping Anna buy a 40,000 colombian peso (20$) guitar from an open market. Spending time with Panchon was a lot of fun!
Spending time with my Colombian mom, Myriam and taking her out to dinner!
Padre Diego introducing Anna to the cathedral congregation and saying goodbye to everyone on my last Sunday there.
Teaching Anna the transmilenio system. Doesn't look like she was paying much attention....
Spending time walking through the center with our new friend, Andres. People thought we were famous because we had a 'police escort'!
Playing 'memory' with the kids. Thanks Major family for the cards!
Making picture frames with the kids in Usme. Darcy brought the pictures that were printed at Wal-mart. Toots and Grandpa sent foam picture frames and things to decorate them. All the children went home with a picture of themselves and their "profes", Brittany and me.
Welcome to Colombia, Anna and thanks for visiting, Darcy!
Love, Kate

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